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The term of Cappadocia comes from persian language and known as a land of beautiful horses in ancient time with several kingdoms hegemonies at the area. In recent times, Cappadocia is best known for its unique landscape of valleys and rock formations, known as fairy chimneys. The formation of the this strange landscape began during the third geological period, when three volcanoes on the edges of this region began erupting frequently. The deposits of volcanoes ash, lava and basalt laid the foundations for today's landscape. Earthquakes and ongoing effects of erosion formed the valleys and fairy chimneys that can be seen today.

There are many ways to explore the area that you will get suprised to see how the area is a fantastic places for humanbeing with having such as hot air balloon riding, trekking tours, sightseeing tours, Quad Tours, Mapping Laser Show, Horsebackriding Tours experiences...

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