About Us

Mithra Cave Hotel: The Point Where Cappadocia Meets History And Nature.

Mithra Cave Hotel, located in the centre of Goreme and offering a combination of original Ottoman and Greek architecture in all its splendour, aims to provide its guests with an unforgettable Cappadocia experience. Our hotel, consisting of rocks in the eagle's nest area, offers the unique beauty of the sunrise with its magnificent terrace view.

Surrounded by the dance of balloons taking off in the early hours of the morning, guests staying in our hotel witness a unique meeting of nature and history. Just a short walk from the historic town centre of Goreme, our hotel welcomes its guests with every detail reflecting the true Cappadocian lifestyle and culture of thousands of years.

In our 39 rooms, each of which offers a different story and atmosphere, you can find a combination of cosy, comfort and elegance prepared with small luxurious touches. Mithra Cave Hotel offers its guests an unforgettable accommodation experience accompanied by the mesmerising view of Cappadocia, while also providing the opportunity to explore the rich history and natural beauties of the region.

We are happy to welcome everyone who wants to discover the mystical atmosphere and unique beauties of Cappadocia in the warm and hospitable environment of Mithra Cave Hotel.


Our facility is not suitable for accommodation of individuals with special needs.


Property Name: Mithra Cave Hotel
Property Type: Boutique Hotel
Chain Type: Independent
Official Name: Şeref Turizm Ticaret Ltd. Şti.
Tax Administration: Beyoğlu
Tax Number: 8100031613
Room Count: 39
Built In: 2014
Last Restoration Year: 2014
Phone: +90 384 271 22 95
Fax Number: +90 384 271 22 96
E-Mail: [email protected]
Website: www.mithracavehotel.com
Facebook: MithraCaveHotel
Instagram: mithracavehotel